Certified Natural Henna

Certified Natural Henna

Certified Natural Henna Certified Natural Henna Certified Natural Henna

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Certified Organic Ingredients

Certified Organic Essential Oils

What's in our Henna?

Certified Organic...

Lawsonia Inermis Powder  

Essential Oils 



Occasional Lemon or Rose Water


Meet The Artist

Christina is the gifted artist and founder of Henna True. A buzz worthy business located in Pike Creek, Delaware. 

She's originally from Woodbury, New Jersey and moved to Delaware 2017 where she bought her first henna cone from a local market. That one cone was the motivation that led to studying much deeper about the art of henna. 

As you read the reviews from her customers you'll see she is recognized for creating dazzling freestyle designs and her genuine kind personality. 

Most importantly she values you, which is why she became an International Certified Natural Henna Artist. 

Henna stain intricate designs delicate floral decorations fancy event feminine delicate hands

Henna Aftercare

Important aftercare instructions for a long lasting henna design. Keep your Henna Paste on! At least 4-6hrs  (24 hr is best!)

The longer it's on the darker the results. Once you waited just rub or scrape off. DO NOT wash off. Avoid direct water for 24 hr. Your henna is not done yet. Natural Henna will continue to grow darker up to 72 hours. The first day will be light or bright. By the 3rd day is when you'll see it reach full potential. 

When you bath protect your design with vaseline or coconut oil. Try to keep your henna from water for a long lasting design. If you follow these rules your henna can last up to 2 weeks or more! 

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Licensed and Fully Insured

Voted Best Henna Artist 2019

Voted Best Henna Artist 2019

Voted Best Henna Artist 2019

Rewarded henna Artist

We are extremely thankful to be awarded with Best Henna Artist of 2019 right here in Newark, Delaware. We love to collaborate with other local businesses. Contact us for a fun henna event at your location. Let's make next year even better! 

Unique Henna Classes

Voted Best Henna Artist 2019

Voted Best Henna Artist 2019

Register for a class at NCC Art Studio in Wilmington, Delaware or book your own class.

Our classes are featured in the NCC paper THE HAPPENINGS  

Put your paint brushes away for this!

You'll learn how to squeeze our henna cones and design henna on candles, glass, and other items. You can choose from our natural henna paste or fast drying paint. 

Have you ever tried rolling henna

cones? It's so much fun trying something different! 

Local classes are held at The Art Studio, Wilmington, DE and Libraries throughout DE. and private classes are also available. Local classes are published in Newcastle County Happenings. Register now.



Coffee Shop Henna

Voted Best Henna Artist 2019

Belly & Crown Blessings

Coffee and henna tattoos


Schedule your own appointment with our easy button. Sip on your favorite beverage while enjoying the sweet aromas of tea, coffee, and fresh essential oils. Tap our Easy Button to book now. 

You can choose the date and time that's best for you. This will take place in Pike Creek, Delaware inside Dunkin. 

Belly & Crown Blessings

Social, Personal & Corporate

Belly & Crown Blessings

Baby showers Henna crown belly designs chemo patients gentle sensitive lavender oil henna tattoos

We offer lavender henna cones with the most delicate ingredients especially for baby bumps and those who are being treated with chemo. Ask us for details about choosing this special service. 

Social, Personal & Corporate

Social, Personal & Corporate

Social, Personal & Corporate

Mehndi henna artist Delaware New Jersey Pike Creek Newcastle Wilmington Cowtown coffee shops party

We are happy to collaborate with local and surrounding businesses. When there's a live artist, crowds are suddenly drawn in to see what's going on. Set an event on social media and see your audience quickly grow. Henna is also and nice gift of appreciation! Inviting a henna artist to your business as a token of gratitude for your employees is unforgettable.   

what are customers saying?

Great reviews happy satisfied service party event experience fun baby shower bridal wedding Birthday

Sadie Flocco — Google Review

"This is the best Henna I've ever gotten and love the glitter

and the artist was one of the nicest people I've ever met"

Nature birds hummingbird natural art healthy outdoors yoga zen boho

Bernadette Fabrizio — Google Review

"Christina free-styled a beautiful little hummingbird and a flower for him to feed on! Adorable!"

Guy man teen relaxed happy outside henna customer

John M. — Newcastle, DE

"I contacted Christina with an unusual request. After a medical procedure I wanted to try henna camouflaging. Christina didn't bat an eye. She was sweet, understanding, discreet, and most helpful."

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Do you have questions about what I can do for your event? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send a breif message, please leave your event location, event date pending, and number of pended participating guests.  

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