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What's in our Henna?


I wish I could tell you that all henna is natural & safe but it's not.

You can find news articles regarding dangerous store bought henna cones. The sad truth is you can purchase these cones easily. They have chemicals that are harmful if used on your skin. Which led me to research several henna professionals from around the world. I purchase my henna powder & essential oils from trusted suppliers. So I can mix my all natural ingredients for your safe/natural henna experience.

Certified Organic Lawsonia Inermis (henna powder)  

 Certified Essential Oil 

Organic Sugar  

       Lemon or Pure Water

Trendy or Traditional


Are you looking to have an small gathering of close friends or need a henna artist for a planned party?  Or maybe you are the event planner. Mehndi/Henna tattoos are  perfect for corporate holiday parties, and local private parties. Henna True's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience to your event.

From children to adults there is something for everyone. Customized themes, business logos, characters, nature designs, traditional henna, and freestyle! 

Be as creative as you want. 



Important aftercare instructions for a long lasting henna design. Keep your Henna Paste on! At least 4-6hrs

(24 hr is best!)

The longer it's on the darker the results. Once you waited just rub or scrape off. DO NOT wash off. Avoid direct water for 24 hr. Your henna is not done yet. Natural Henna will continue to grow darker up to 24 hours. The first day will be light or bright. By the 3rd day is when you'll see it reach full potential. 

When you bath protect your design with vaseline or coconut oil. Try to keep your henna from water for a long lasting design. If you follow these rules your henna can last up to 2 weeks or more! 

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Coffee Shop Henna


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Only $25.

Coffee shop henna is setup at Starbucks 

3926 Kirkwood Hwy

Wilmington, DE 19808

You are in control of setting up your own time. 

Ask about other local coffee shop locations.

Book Your Party/Event


Ignite the excitement! 

Your guest will look forward to having their hands adorned. 

We will build the perfect package for your event.

Call for a consultation and save your date now.

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special designs just for you!  

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What's A Henna Class?

Register for a class at NCC Art Studio in Wilmington, Delaware or book your own class.

Put your paint brushes away for this!

You will learn how to squeeze our henna cones to decorate precise designs on candles, glass, and other items.

You can choose from our natural henna paste or fast drying paint.

Or would you like to try


Let's build the perfect workshop for you together.

Local classes with the Art Studio are also available.  These classes are published in Newcastle County Happenings. 

Register for one of our henna classes:


Hockessin, DE Starbucks


Intricate Designs


Pike Creek, DE


what are customers saying?

Sadie Flocco — Google Review


"This is the best Henna I've ever gotten and love the glitter

and the artist was one of the nicest people I've ever met"

Bernadette Fabrizio — Google Review


"Christina free-styled a beautiful little hummingbird and a flower for him to feed on! Adorable!"

John M. — Newcastle, DE


"I contacted Christina with an unusual request. After a medical procedure I wanted to try henna camouflaging. Christina didn't bat an eye. She was sweet, understanding, discreet, and most helpful."

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Do you have questions about what I can do for your event? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send a breif message, please leave your event location, event date pending, and number of pended participating guests.  

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